1990s · Poetry

Poetry circa 1998-1999

Jeannie Marie Hahl
Charlotte Carol (Hahl) Sims
Brianna Michelle Rose

November 8, 1999
Age 19
Falkville, AL


Untitled (1998-1999)
by Jeannie M. Hahl

Are these not my eyes before you in crimson?
Is this not my body before you
Tangled and caged?

I’ll paint this anger in stale blue
On pages somewhere in between love and pain
Freedom and depression

Somewhere in between life and death
I’ll sit
Legs crossed

You seem to recognize my face
Do you remember
My name?

Infected skin
Fingers shaking
Can you remember my name?

You wear business suits
And overalls
And Sunday dresses

You smoke
And you drink
And you sing church hymns

I know you
I know all of you
Do you remember my name?

Gallons of coffee and I’m not awake
Cartons of cigarettes and I’m still not dead
Do you sympathize?

Pretty cheerleader in a letterman’s jacket, where’s your school spirit?
In your pants
With football players and date rape drugs?

Sit in front and back of me
In booths just like mine
Stare out my window, into my train of thought

Then forget my face
And carry your Tuesday roses to your corner booth
Chew gum and tobacco and choke on your Bible

Because I don’t sympathize
I don’t recognize your faces; I don’t know your names
I don’t like the way your waffles aftertaste

Don’t I look silly hanging myself with headphones
And backpacks
In my own letterman jacket?

Hurry up now, you don’t have time
Don’t forget your cellphone
That won’t ring

Don’t forget your rose
That won’t last
To see another Tuesday

Don’t forget your bible
That won’t answer
My questions

But on your way home
Look beyond your speedometers
Look beyond your rearview mirrors

And remember
Why you don’t know
My name

I’m a coffee shop diva
I tell the funniest jokes you’ve never heard
I’m the greatest never-was there’s ever been

Untitled (1998-1999)
by Jeannie M. Hahl

Come through my bedroom window
And wait for me in the back of my mind
Sit quietly on the tip of my tongue
And I’ll dream of you in cursive

Dance with me to stolen memories
Hidden away in compact discs
Swallow glass after glass
Of my soul drawn on paper

And when your head grows heavy
And your heart grows light
Climb under my pillow
And hold me all night

Hold me even after dawn comes
To harshly expose my imperfections
And you realize
All of my flaws

Give in to me
My lips will be here waiting
Just to break
Your fall

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